Welcome to HAWL from founder, Chris Lees:

This website has been designed not only to offer information about our courses but also as a general information centre for anyone who wants to know more about Agricultural Homeopathy, ie homeopathy used on farm animals by farmers or stockpersons.

Sine 2001 HAWL has taught more than 500 farmers how to use homeopathy as an additional tool within their health management strategy, to help improve animal health and to be able to take immediate action in all sorts of situations.

During this time we have also run refresher courses, workshops, written several books, created teaching manuals and audio CD’s, liaised with and visited other farm homeopaths all over the world, and collected research papers, articles and snippets of information about farm homoeopathy to help improve understanding about this little-researched and under-recorded subject.

Whether you are a farmer, a researcher, a homeopath or someone just interested in finding out more about homoeopathy for farm animals, I do hope you do find it useful.

Please feel free to contact us at HAWL if you need any more information: secretary@hawl.co.uk. I am sure we can point you in the right direction.

Chris Lees BSc (Hons) Ag., Dip Ed., LSCH. RHom.

Chris Lees, Founder

Background to HAWL

HAWL began in 2001 when a group of homeopaths, homeopathic vets, agriculturalists and teachers got together to improve the support offered to farmers who want to reduce their antibiotic usage and find additional ways of improving farm animal health.  HAWL courses are designed to help the farmer use homeopathy  as an additional tool within the farm management strategy.

HAWL is a registered Not For Profit Limited Company (Co Reg: 07034869) set up to offer farmers qualified and unbiased information about agricultural homoeopathy.