Homeopathy References

Articles on legislation and of general interest on the use of homeopathy for farm and other animals.


  1. View the minutes from Veterinary Medicines Directorate meeting Weybridge 13th June 2006

General Articles

  1. The transcript of a talk for CAM Homoeopathy Conference 18/6/2008 – Oliver Dowding – “Homoeopathy on the farm – If homoeopathic success is all in the patient’s mind, how does this work for animals?”
  2. A Study on Use of Homoeopathy on Sheep – Patricia Rampton – 4th Year Research Project (2006) The London School of Classical Homoeopathy
  3. Homoeopathy and a TV star – Article from the Smallholder Magazine Feb 2008 – Virginia Deradour
  4. Is homoeopathy an option? – Article from the Smallholder Magazine June 2007 – Chris Lees
  5. Thoughts on Disease – Chris Lees
  6. Prevention of TB(in humans) with  Tuberculinum – For those who would like to know more about the use of nosodes this is a really good easy to read synopsis.  There is an interesting reference to the prevention of TB (in humans) with the use of Tuberculinum.  When farmers use nosodes it is really advisable to understand a bit about what you are trying to do and why nosodes might help.  It is also importamt to know what “nosodes” are and the various different types.  “Nosode” has slipped into general parlance which is not at all accurate in homoeopathic terms,  and what is seen to be useful in prophylaxis (preventing disease) is not always either appropriate, or a nosode.
  7. Antibiotics prescribed needlessly – British Homeopathic Association
  8. MRSA in farm animals – The Soil Association
  9. Rearing Calves with Cows – Trial from Holland
  10. Death by Medicine – Extract from Life Extension
  11. Assorted Links – a selection of results from a Google search using key words like bovine, dairy cow, mastitis, homoeopathy etc
  12. Extracts from Aberdeen Univerity Trials – for HAWL students
  13. British dog owners turn to alternative medicine – Extract from the Society of homoepaths News Page
  14. Cambridge – Mastitis Abstract 
  15. K. Mueller, Queen’s veterinary School Hospital, University of Cambridge
  16. India Study – Comparative Efficacy 
  17. J.P. Varshney abd R. Naresh,
    Division of Medicine, Indian Veterinary Research Institute
  18. Aberdeen – Sheep Paracites Study
  19. Jennifer Gibbon B.Sc (Hons) 2002 University of Aberdeen
  20. Arnica Trial – December 2005 
  21. Dominic Heneghan, B.Sc. (Agric), PGCE, DCSPC. Agriculture Courses Leader, School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, Nottingham Trent University
  22. Is there a role for Homoeopathy in the treatment of the farm animal?
  23. Chris Lees’ dissertation for a degree in Agriculture and Land Management at The Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.