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I was incredibly fortunate to be awarded a bursary by the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths to allow me to undertake the Homoeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) course in early 2019. My husband and I farm cattle and sheep high on Dartmoor. The farm is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall and the farm tenancy has passed down through my side of the family.… ...

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Sheep Farmer Lynnie Hutchison shares her success with Pink Eye which affected  her flock during lambing, a really stressful time for the ewes and their lambs.

Just after completing the HAWL course, we suffered an outbreak of pink eye at lambing time which came on very quickly. Pink Eye, for those of you lucky enough NOT to have had experience of it, spreads rapidly and often begins with watery eyes then a thick discharge can appear before the eye goes cloudy and develops ulcers with a red band moving across the cornea.… ...

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A HAWL farmer reported a pleasing outcome using Ledum Palulstre on one of her goats recently:

“Yesterday we noticed during milking that one of our best milkers had been injured in the udder with a horn. Milk was dripping out of the hole and she was a little in shock.

So, I gave her a dose of ledum 200c, and sprayed the hole with herbal wound spray to help it stay clean and heal.”… ...

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