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Details about the course syllabus and content can be found HERE.

Accommodation details for Tetbury can be found HERE.

Our next 3 Day Farm Homeopathy Courses run on the following non-consecutive days:

Day 1-MAY 23rd, Day 2-JUNE 5th & Day 3- JUNE 20th
Oakwood Veterinary Centre, Babbinswood Farm, Berghill Lane, Whittington, Oswestry, SY11 4PF.
Special Offer £395 (Usual cost *£450)

TETBURY 2018  – AUTUMN DATES COMING SOON – register your interest at

CARMARTHEN 2018 – AUTUMN DATES COMING SOON – register your interest at

*WHY FEES DIFFER IN COST: Courses held away from our home base at Tetbury, incur greatly increased costs, (venue hire, staff travel and accommodation etc)  which means we must increase the course fee to break even. However, local courses mean that farmers do not have the burden of getting to Tetbury on 3 separate occasions, which reduces their travel costs, the need for relief staff, and overnight accommodation – a considerable benefit and overall cost saving.

Both your payment and completed application details MUST be received by us before the start of the course.

If you have any questions about the course please email us. We are able to run courses for organisations or groups in any area, subject to agreed terms and conditions.

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Course feedback:

Every student fills in an assessment form after completing the course so that we can make sure we are getting things right. These are anonymous so that people feel free to tell us both the good and the bad. (Luckily, in sixteen years, there has been very little bad!)

‘It was certainly ”wellie level” – very down to earth and practical. I was amazed at the results as were the sceptics on the course’

‘There’s a lot more to homeopathy than I realised. Very pleased with the results on the farm so far.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed it. Learned a lot. Given me faith in homeopathy coming from a slightly cynical start point.’

‘Fantastic course. Feel completely blown away by the potential of homeopathy.’

And a few snippets from farmers who keep in touch . . .

‘We have hardly used antibiotics this year and I would say the herd has never been healthier.’ Dairy Farmer, Devon

‘Our experience so far with our organic suckler herd has been quite amazing. The course was a revelation.’ John Hill, Beef Farmer

‘I have had ewes with black bag or really bad udders and I have saved the ewe. I have seen things work where you just wouldn’t imagine you can do anything.’ Lynnie Hutchison, Sheep Farmer

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