Homoeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) is a tiny not-for-profit organisation whose only full-time member of staff is a volunteer, (founder, Chris Lees).  Our aim is to provide unbiased and qualified training and support to farmers who wish to learn homeopathy for use on their farms. We survive due to the goodwill and dedication of our volunteers and supporters, the generosity of benefactors, such as HRH the Prince of Wales, and the homeopathic pharmacies: Ainsworths, Freemans, Helios and Crossgates Bioenergetics, who kindly sponsor some of our course materials and offer discounts to HAWL farmers.


The simple answer is that farmers who use a homeopathic approach to animal health report that they use fewer antibiotics and drugs, which means safer milk and meat, and a healthier environment. Three quarters of all farmers who take the HAWL course are aiming to reduce antibiotic usage.


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Why we need your help:

Support for Farmers:

HAWL exists to support farmers who care passionately about animal welfare and the environment, and who want to learn an holistic and sustainable approach to animal health. Many of these are tenant or small family farmers who are struggling to keep afloat, and with no support from conventional vet practices to support their aims to use homeopathy. Once they have completed the course and gone back to their farms, without help, many farmers quickly lose confidence in their skills and report feeling isolated. Your donation enables us to run local groups for isolated farmers and to train Green Wellie Mentors – homeopathic vets, homeopaths and other farmers- to provide support and continue their learning.

Fund our Research:

Antibiotic resistance is already having a critical impact on human health. Currently, in the UK 45% of all antibiotics are used for farm animals. This contributes hugely towards resistance in people as residues go into the water we drink and onto the land on which our food is grown and raised. Farmers who use a homeopathic approach tell us that they see their animals’ health increase and antibiotic usage decrease. We aim to gather data from a number of farms to examine their records pre and post homeopathy, with a view to providing evidence that a homeopathic approach creates a healthier farm.



HAWL needs you! Whether you have a spare day a year or a few hours a week, you can help. Currently volunteers run our social media pages, our private forums, conduct research, train mentors, support low-income farmers, and teach. Whatever your skillset, we can find you a rewarding role! Contact us for more information.

Farmers can join our register of BUDDY FARMERS to give peer support. Many HAWL farmers feel isolated and lonely – a quick call to another farmer who has similar problems or to share successes makes a huge difference. Contact us for information.


For homeopathic vets and qualified homeopaths only: our course teachers develop our farmers’ homeopathy skills and support their learning. Demand for our course is growing, as is post-course support. We are always happy to hear from homeopaths and homeopathic vets who want to teach .

NB: By law, only a vet or the farmer themselves can prescribe homeopathy for their animals. Therefore, our teachers do not prescribe, they coach farmers to develop their skills and become proficient prescribers themselves.
Contact us to find out more if you are interested in teaching on the course or running farm support groups.