Chris Gosling and her family have a herd of dairy Guernseys producing organic milk, cream, kefir, butter and ghee. She has seen a difference in her animals’ health and her bank balance!

‘Homeopathy does work’.

Jane and her husband have a mixed smallholding plus a couple of racehorses.

‘We have had amazing results using homeopathy for mastitis’.

Tracy and her husband have a herd of 250 conventional dairy cows.

‘By using homeopathy as a blanket treatment for the cows, I am seeing healthier calves coming through’

Josette milks a conventional dairy herd twice a day off 350 acres.

‘You can see that the cows are doing better – our cull rate is down; our fertility rate is good, mastitis cases are low. The overall health of the cows has just really improved’.


‘Homeopathy works for me and my dairy cattle …’

A fascinating read,  our newspaper ‘THIS IS FARM HOMEOPATHY’ shares the experiences of 50 farmers who use homeopathy and may help dispel and explain some of the myths and misconceptions about the role and use of homeopathy in farming.